Hasten with Good Deeds Before 7 Things

After Esha Majlis ~ 5th Shawaal 1434


Just as a shop owner who worked hard all month and gained a huge profit at the end of the month, will naturally be careful how he handles his earnings. Whilst some of it will be used to pay off expenses, some will be saved and a portion will also be invested so as to yield more in the future. It is inconceivable that the profit will be left unattended and forgotten, lest it be usurped.

Similarly, after our toiling in Ramadaan, the Noor with which we have been blessed, requires careful investing for our future (Aakhirah). Left unattended and forgotten, the Noor will disappear. Essentially, in order to compound and escalate that Noor, we are required to hasten towards the Mercy of Allah, by continuing the performance of good deeds and not becoming lazy and complacent.

We should not procrastinate….

It is mentioned in Hadith Sharief that Rasulullah  صلى الله عليه و سلم advised the Believers to Hasten Toward Doing Good Deeds before the following Seven Things overtake him:

* Such poverty that makes him totally forget about doing any goods

* Such wealth that cause him to transgress the Laws of ALLAH

* A deadly illness that afflicts him

* Old age and senility overtake him

* Sudden death strikes him

* The appearance of Dajaal

* The onset of Qiyamah

Indeed, before all of the above happen, a Believer should turn to ALLAH and seek the Pleasure of ALLAH by spending in the path of ALLAH.

A few of the Malfoozaath of  Hazrath Moulana Yunus Patel Sahib (RA) from ‘Hedaayatus Saalikeen’  were also discussed, that directly influence ones Love for ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, encourages one to connect to Him and urge one to give priority to Deen and Shari’ah.

” Drowning in the ocean of an Illicit Love is a detrimental weakness because instead of giving ones heart to the Creator of hearts, one gives it to a body which is going to perish. Many are the lovers who run off like mules when age overtakes the beauty of the beloved.

The lovers of ALLAH however, have hearts filled with sukoon because The Beauty of ALLAH never perishes….”