Contemplation ….

Excerpts from Ramadaan 1434 Programmes  


What is the purpose of our Creation?
What is our Destination?
What Preparation have we made to reach our destination?

Alhamdulilah, through the Fadhl and Karam of ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala, we have heard many talks during Ramadaan. The essence of what we have heard includes:

1. Tauheed & Supremacy of Allah :

There is NONE WORTHY OF WORSHIP BESIDES ALLAH. Everything in the Universe has been created by and belongs to ALLAH. Everything is in the Supreme Control of ALLAH ALONE.

2. Reality of The Day of Qiyamah :

That Day on which every deed shall be brought forth and weighed, is an INDISPUTABLE Reality. ALLAH does not oppress a single soul, every being will have to account for their deeds. The successful will be admitted into Paradise and he who habitually disobeyed the commands of ALLAH and failed to seek forgiveness will be condemned to the Fire.

3. Gratitude

We need to be grateful servants of ALLAH. Indeed the bounties and favours showered upon us by HIM are innumerable. Rasulullah (صلى الله عليه و سلم) would make lengthy prostrations demonstrating gratitude and he would cry out of gratitude.

4. Obedience :

What type of bond do we have with ALLAH? Indeed, the preparation we have made for the Qabr and Aakhirah is indicative of our obedience to ALLAH. We need to establish a Connection (Ta’alluq) with ALLAH – develope a penitent heart having remorse for a life of disobedience.

Make a firm intention to change ones life for the better by engaging in righteous deeds and treading on Siraat e Mustaqeem.

5.  Stay in the company of the righteous and pious :

The company one keeps has a colossal effect upon the kinds of deeds one engages in. It is of paramount importance that one stays away from company which leads one away from ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala.
Drugs, Gambling, Illicit relationships, Lying, Cheating, Stealing etc all lead to a quagmire of sins and a life of misery and restlessness. A person steeped in sins drifts further and further away from ALLAH and his heart gets very corroded and heavy. As such, he does not enjoy his Ibaadat and ends up leading a life of ghaflat (negligence).

6. Repentence :

Before overtaken by Sakraat ul Mauth or the rising of the sun from the West.
Despite the magnitude and intensity of our sins, if we make sincere taubah (Taubatun Nasuha), and shed tears of repentance, we will be forgiven by ALLAH. The moment we turn to ALLAH and seek from HIM, HE becomes Pleased and ‘comes running to us’ to assist us for HE does not wish to punish the Believer. ALLAH LOVES and has more Compassion for the Believer than a doting mother has for her child.

 7. Humility :

A Believer has no place in his heart for pride and arrogance. We are all Totally dependant on ALLAH for EVERYTHING. The obstinate, proud, arrogant ones are those who disobey the commands of ALLAH. THESE are the ones who will be punished in the Blazing Fire.

~ The Mubarak month of Ramadaan abounded with mass deeni activities and because everybody engaged collectively, proved ease to practice upon the Quran and Sunnah. The challenge for each one of us is to maintain this after Ramadaan. It is up to us to make a firm resolution to persevere on Siraat e Mustaqeem. ALLAH WILL CERTAINLY HELP US but we need to make the first step. 

~ May ALLAH Azza wa Jalla pull us with HIS Power of Jazb and make us from amongst HIS True friends.