An Explanation of Some Selected Malfoozaat of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (RA) 4


1) Attaching Hope and Expectation on Another

“Do not attach any hope or expectation upon another and one will be free of anxiety and grief. This is the essence of Deen and Dunya.” 

One’s hope/expectation should only be with ALLAH Ta’aala. When it is upon the Makhlooq of ALLAH, this invariably leads to grief, anxiety and depression due to disappointment.

2) Shun that which has no Worldly or Deeni Benefit

By not wasting time on futile (la ya’ni) activities, one can lead a happy and content life. The one who spends his time pursuing futile things, will not be interested in the ‘necessary’ things.

Time is an amaanat from ALLAH Ta’ala and should not be wasted in futile activities.

3) Sleep when feeling sleepy

When tired and sleepy, it is best to sleep and refresh the mind. Fighting sleep can harm the mind and lead to insanity. Rasulullah (صلي الله عليه و سلم) has also said ‘do not decrease sleep’ …. in order to function well, one requires sufficient sleep.

4)  Dua alone, is insufficient for Islaah (reformation)

In addition to dua, adopting the ways and means for Islaah is absolutely essential.

5) The Secret behind Unity

Do not burden another, even ones own brother. Try and be independent.

Always pay for an object no matter how small it may be. 

Live with each other like brothers but deal/trade with one another like strangers.

6) Punishment for Disgracing the Ulema

Those who taunt/tease or insult the Ulema… Their faces will be turned away from the Qibla in the Qabr (grave).

Spend one’s time on self-reflection and introspection rather than judging and belittling others, especially the Ulema.

7) The Intention when Counting Money

One’s intention should be to ensure that no “extra” money was received from the purchaser of the item/debtor when one receives payment from him. The intention should not be to ensure that the debtor has not paid you less…