An Explanation of Some Selected Malfoozaat of Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thaanwi (RA) 2


1. Means of Chastity

In order to preserve the chastity and modesty of ones own womenfolk, keep away from womenfolk of others ie. do not cast lustful glances at other women and your own womenfolks chastity and modesty will be protected. This is the means of maintaining chastity.

2. Humilty A Treasure

Developing and maintaining Humility (Tawaadhu) is extremely beneficial. Whoever lowers himself for the sake of ALLAH Ta’aala, then ALLAH will elevate his status. Whoever shows pride and arrogance will be destroyed by ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala. 

Pride must be removed from the heart because the one who has even a speck of pride in his heart will not be permitted to enter Jannat.

3. Pocket Money for the Wife

It is the right of the wife that she be allocated some pocket money for her own personal use (over above what is allocated to household expenditure).

It is also wise to make a list of assets and rightful owners between husband and wife to avoid confusion should one or the other spouse pass away.

4. Treat the Womenfolk with Kindness

Womenfolk/wives must be treated with kindness. The wife must be taken care of and appreciated for two principle reasons: 

• Firstly, she is like a captive and it is unmanly and cowardly to maltreat a captive. 

• Secondly, the husband does not know what her status is in the eyes of ALLAH Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala. It is highly possible that by Allah Ta’ala she holds the same position as the husband or even higher.


5) Remedy for Anxiety

Entrust all ones affairs to ALLAH Azza wa Jal. One need not be overly-anxious .. All that is necessary is to adopt the means at ones disposal and then entrust ones affair to ALLAH. Be pleased with whatever HE decrees. 

6. Avarice the Root of all Evil

Avarice (Greed) is the root of all evil. It causes arguments and fights, and even leads to court cases.

The effects of greed are worse than the devastation caused by two hungry wolves upon a flock of sheep. 

In the absence of greed, nobody will oppress another. Further, the notion that when the demand for greed is fulfilled, the person will become satiated, is false.
If a man has two valleys of gold, he will desire for the third…
‘Nothing fills the stomach of greed except the sand of the Qabr’