The Shining Stars


The Shining Stars

Taking us back to the era of Rasulullah~ Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, these discussions on the Sahabah Radiallahu Anhum, bring alive the rightful ‘Role Models’ who watered the garden of Islam with their blood ~ Discourses by ~ Moulana Naeem Motala Saheb DB



Hazrat Sa’ad bin Abi Waqaas (RA)

Hazrat Sa’ad bin Mu’aaz (RA)

Hazrat Salmaan Farsi (RA)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (RA)

Hazrat Abdullah bin Mas’ood (RA)

Hazrat Huzaifa (RA)

Hazrat Faatima (RA)

Hazrat Asma bint Umais (RA)

Hazrat Abu Talha (RA)

Hazrat Mu’aadh bin Jabal (RA)

Hazrat Abu Zar Al Ghifaari (RA)

Hazrat Jaabir bin Abdilllah (RA)

 Hazrat Abu Darda (RA)

 Hazrat Bilal (RA)

 Hazrat Abu Hurairah (RA)

 Hazrat Usaamah bin Zaid (RA)

 Hazrat Hakeem bin Hizaam (R.A)

 Hazrat Abdullah ~ Mus’ab bin Umair (RA)



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