Unlock your Heart ~ Moulana Naeem Motala Saheb DB

 بِسْــــــــــــــــــمِ اَللّهُِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم

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We need to make the Zikr of Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala constantly and develop in our hearts this Ta’aluq (connection) with Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala. The connection with Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala becomes weak very easily when we don’t remember Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala

Allah says “Faz-kuruni az-kurkum” “You remember Me ~ I am remembering you ~ I will always remember you”

But, when we don’t make Zikr of Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala, then we are cutting of this connection we have with Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala, and that is going to be detrimental for ourselves …

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) in a hadith has mentioned a du’aa ~

“O Allah! … Open the locks of our hearts through Your Remembrance”

The hearts that we have, the spiritual hearts, have locks and to open these locks, one needs to make the Zikr of Allah Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala. The moment a person makes the Zikr of Allah whether he says, SubhaanAllah سبحان الله … Alhumdulilah الحمد لله … La ilaha illallah لا إله إلا الله … Allah-hu-Akbar الله أكبر … then these locks now become open …

For any key that we have, the key has teeth and when this key is put into any lock, the teeth of this key has to match that of the lock, then and only then, the lock of the door will open. The Zikr that we are making is the ‘Key to open the locks of our Heart. The teeth of this key (of this Zikr) are Khushoo (concentration) and Khuzoo (humility). To make Zikr of Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala with dedication, concentration, devotion, your mind has to be focused on Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala

How often we make Istighfar, Astaghfirullah … Astaghfirullah … Astaghfirullah أأستغفر الله‎ with no feeling, no dedication, no devotion whatsoever. We are not even pondering over what we are saying! We are making Istighfar and we are seeking the pardon of Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala, the forgiveness of Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala Rabia Basri RA used to say, ‘The manner in which we make Istighfar, we require to make lots of Istighfar for that type of Istighfar that we make’. In other words, we are not making Istighfar properly. When we make Istighfar we are asking Allah to conceal our sins. We are asking Allah to forgive us …

And then, a person should ponder over the sins he is committing or has committed. And as he is making this Istighfar, he must ponder and reflect over the Ghunnah (sins) he has made and he should feel this Nadaamat (remorse) in his heart. He should feel this regret and remorse in his heart. He should feel ashamed of having committed that sin. And now he is making a promise to Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala that he is not going to resort to that sin and he is seeking Allah, or Allah’s forgiveness. He wants to wash away from his heart that sin …

When we say ‘SubhaanAllah’ we must really feel and believe and understand and ponder and reflect over the meanings of SubhaanAllah!

Allah Subhanahu-Wa-Ta’ala is Paak. Allah has no blemish whatsoever! No defects whatsoever! Allah is absolutely Pure! Allah has no shortcomings! Allah has no deficiencies! Allah is Perfect!

الله أكبر

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