Preparation for Maut and the Aakhirah


كُلُّ نَفْسٍۢ ذَآئِقَةُ ٱلْمَوْتِ

Every Soul Will Taste Death ~ (Surah al`Imran :185)

Preparation for Maut and the Aakhirah


What Preparations have we made for the ‘Tomorrow’ that Allah has drawn our attention towards, in the Qur’aan?


يَا أَيُّهَا الْإِنسَانُ مَا غَرَّكَ بِرَبِّكَ الْكَرِيمِ
O mankind, what has deceived you concerning your Lord, the Generous ~ Surah Al Infitar 82:6


We have Two Tomorrows … one is the ‘Tomorrow of this World’ … and one is the ‘Tomorrow of the Hereafter’ (that world or abode that Allah invites us towards) … What Preparations have we made? … What Preparations have we made for the ‘Tomorrow’ that Allah has drawn our attention towards, in the Qur’aan?



What is Success? ~ Moulana Naeem Motala Saheb DB


Every single person in this world is striving to achieve Success! No matter what his status may be, no matter where he may be living in this world … young, old, poor or rich. There is a common goal which every single person is striving towards … and that is Success! … In the eyes of mankind, who is a successful person? That person who acquires more wealth, more money, more properties, more treasures of this material world, is regarded to be a successful person!

However, despite making so many sacrifices for the so called ‘Success’ in this dream world, there is ‘no promise of tomorrow’. We have forgotten the ‘Ultimate Success‘ which Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala the ‘Creator of the Both the Worlds has regarded to be supreme … The Aakhirah (Hereafter)! … The true and genuine success of the “Hereafter” outweighs the success of this worldly life! … That is why we are in this world and that is what we have been created for!

Allah gives us an invitation!

Allah extends an invitation to every single person in this world! … Believer and non-believer, and calls out with an urgent plea, guiding us to His beautiful Deen of Islam and this everlasting Success! 

Time is moving very swiftly and before we know it, it would be time for us to leave this world … The tomorrow of the hereafter is guaranteed by Allah! It is a perpetual life of felicity in which a person will live forever …

Let us become ‘True Muslims’ … True believers … Believers whom Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has regarded as successful in the Qur’aan … Believers whom Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam has regarded to be successful in the Hadith …

The pleasures of this world are short lived … The pleasures of the Aakhirah are perpetual and eternal … (Moulana Naeem Motala Saheb DB)


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