Protecting Our Imaan During The Silly Season


Protecting Our Imaan During The Silly Season

EXTRACTED from a Majlis of Moulana Naeem Motala

At the end of the year, people generally decide to take a holiday and tend to travel to different places in the hope of attaining some rest and relaxation. The “festive season” however, often draws one towards many Haraam attractions. Here, one very easily falls victim to the promptings of Nafs and Shaytaan and can become engulfed in Haraam activities and sin. As such, one has to be extra vigilant and take extreme caution against heedlessness and breaking the Laws (Ahkaam) of ALLAH Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Although traveling in search of rest and relaxation seems to be the norm at the end of the year, the reality is that for our whole existence in Dunya, we are travellers – moving towards the Aakhirah – towards Jannah, our origin and final abode. Essentially we are returning to ALLAH (Rujoo’ ilALLAH).

We have not been created except for the Worship of ALLAH Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala. It is very important that during the season of fitnah, we do not lose focus of our purpose in this world. Our gaze and Qiblah should be focused on our Beloved ALLAH Rabbul Izzat. At a time where people are ushering in the new year with frivolous partying, reveling and fireworks, we should suppress our nafs and seek the company (Suhbat) of the pious slaves of ALLAH. Keeping the company of the pious not only protects from engaging in sin and disobedience, but also facilitates the journey to Jannah, through the Mercy of ALLAH Ta’ala.

May ALLAH TA’ALA  protect our Imaan at all times, especially during this period of vacation.