Pride and it’s Remedy! ~ Moulana Naeem Motala Saheb DB


 An explanation on one of the Wa’aaz of  ‘Arif Billah Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahab Damat Barkatuhum’, dealing with the aspect of Pride and it’s Remedies … by Moulana Naeem Motala SB

Rasulullah Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam said: “He who has even a mustard seed’s worth of pride in his heart will not enter Jannah.”  (Muslim)

 Pride is such a sickness … Such an illness … Such a disease … It keeps on returning and it is therefore necessary for a person to check his Nafs all the time and to see whether this Bemari (sickness) is there or if it has disappeared. If we don’t rid our hearts of Pride, then the consequence is that a person will be deprived of the Wilayat of Allah Subhanahu~Wa~Ta’ala.

All Greatness, Loftiness, Supremacy belongs only to Allah Subhanahu~Wa~Ta’ala! We are the Makhlooq (creation) of Allah … There is no need for us to behave in a manner in which we think others to be inferior and we think of ourselves to be superior! How can one display pride and arrogance in this world, when the true results will only become manifest on the Day of Qiyaamah?

A person can never become a Sahib-e-Nisbat (A Wali of Allah) until one regards himself to be insignificant … “I am the worst sinner…. I’m trying but I haven’t fulfilled the right of Allah Subhanahu~Wa~Ta’ala’s worship! I am drenched in sins” …. When a person genuinely and sincerely feels this unworthiness, then in the eyes of Allah he becomes honored! And the person who deems to be something great, then in eyes of Allah he is nothing!

So many years of Ibadat (Zikr, Tilawat, Hajj, Umrah, Roza) made by a person who is connecting himself to Allah Subhanahu~Wa~Ta’ala, can be destroyed the moment one speck of pride sets in and this connection (Muhabbat) with Allah breaks…

Pride is likened to an atom bomb that can destroy our possessions in a instant … Hence, when a person has pride in his heart then he has to remove this pride from his heart otherwise all the good deeds he has accumulated will all be destroyed!

What was the sin of shaytaan? … Pride! … I am better than Aadam … “Oh Allah! You created me from fire, you created him from sand … What’s better … Sand or fire? Why should I bow down to Aadam!” … So this was the pride! And what was the result and consequence … Allah expelled him from Jannah!