Four Essential Requirements of The Sincere Seeker of Allah Ta’ala


Hazrat Thanvi Rahmatullah Alayh has mentioned a Prescription of ‘4 Actions’

for a Taalib-e-Saadiq (True Seeker of Allah Ta’ala) :


1. Munasabah ~ [Compatibility]

He should have compatibility with the Mentor who is guiding him towards Allah Taala. 
Hence, when taking Baya’t, it is important that the Mureed (the one seeking Allah Subhaanahu Wa Ta’ala) must have compatibility with his Shaykh (Mentor). Munasabah is an important prerequisite, for the acquisition of benefit on the spiritual path of reformation. Without compatibility a person can not progress on this path.

2. Ittiba ~ [Obedience] 

Ittiba means following the instruction and prescriptions of the Shaykh. This is necessary for the attainment of the goal … the ultimate pleasure of Allah Ta’ala. It is a grave error to believe that only the companionship of the Sheikh is sufficient. Without practising upon the teachings of the Shaykh, it is inadequate for spiritual reformation.

3. Talab-e-Saadiq ~ [True and Sincere Quest]

Islaah (Reformation) is not possible without Talab-e-Saadiq. This is not an easy task. It is a lifelong responsibility and struggle. Therefore, one’s quest must be genuine and sincere. One should regularly refer to one’s Shaykh with one’s weaknesses for them to be rectified.

4. Iraadah ~ [Intention]

One must be determined that one wants to change oneself and one must make a firm intention that whatever he is being taught, he must implement it in his life.